BOLLE 5-Day  (Fri-Tue)  ADULT SWIM CLASSES in Phoenix AZ                                                                         35,000 Adults from ALL 50 States + foreign Countries  learned to Swim  in 5 Days in Bolle Swim Schools since 1972!                                                                        Our Specialty are INDIVIDUALIZED Lessons in PRIVACY for fearful/challenged Adults!

                                                                                               We teach Adults  ONLY and we guarantee your Success due to:                                                                                               40 years Adult teaching EXPERIENCE,              Ideal teaching CONDITIONS,    (Water 92 F., sanitized by Ozone + UV-light)                                                                                                                                                  AVOIDANCE of PUBLIC EMBARRASSMENTS,     ACCELERATED Muscle Memory Development, (28 Lessons in 5 Days!)                                                                                                NO Spectators/Children,       5 Adults  in Group – 2 Adults in Semi Private-Lessons,      Your FOCUS on Swim Lessons ONLY,                                                           AVOIDANCE of Home typical Distractions,          RESTING+RELAXING in your private Guest Room before and after Lessons.

                                                     Spent just 5 Days with us in Phoenix and learn to swim – GUARANTEED!    (6 Lessons per Day/Fri. 7 pm – Tue. 1 pm)                                                                                                                         Don’t give up on Water, our Class is especially for you, if you tried before to learn to swim and did NOT succeed!                                                                                                                                                                                     .

                                                                                                                                                                     What to avoid!                                                                                                                   Don’t take Adult Swim Lessons, if your SUCCESS is NOT GUARANTEED + Lessons are NOT FREE OF PUBLIC EMBARRASSMENTS!                                                                      DON’T agree to Lessons, separated by Days or Weeks! Such long Time Gaps delay Muscle Memory Development and prolong Fear!                                                                     

                                We avoid Time Gaps by teaching 6 Lessons per Day on 5 consecutive Days! As a Result, our Students benefit from tremendously                                                                           accelerated Muscle Memory Development, Elimination of Fear and absolutely      U N A V O I D A B L E     SWIM  SUCCESS!                                                                                                      Bolle Swim Class Choices:

                                                                  Learn to swim?    –    Register for “Non-Swimmer” Group Class or semi-private Lessons!                                                                                           Master deep Water?   –    Register for “Deep Water” Group Class or semi-private Lessons!                                                                           Learn to swim+master deep Water?  Register ONLY for Semi-Private Lessons                                                                                                                                                    (2 Classes in One!)

                           40 Lessons in 3 Month without Success Guarantee….. or 28 Lessons in 5 Days with Success Guarantee?                                         Why driving up to 40 times to a public Pool, when we GUARANTEE your Swim Success in Phoenix in ONLY 5 Days? Arrive  Friday before 6 pm, participate in 6 individualized Lessons daily on 5 consecutive Days and take your return Flight on Tuesday afternoon as a Swimmer, who can cross our Pools AT LEAST 30 times!  “Next Step-“/”Deep Water-” Class Participants learn Freestyle, Breast- and Back-Stroke and are comfortable AND SAFE in deep Water!  GUARANTEED!   Skeptical?    Questions?  Please call former Students:   Brenda IL 847 372 9819,     Jay WY 954 336 4028,      Chris AZ  602 909 2388,     Mary NY 917 941 3897   or read our Reviews!

                                                                                            All Lessons by Swim School Owners Klaus + Thitiya Bolle!




                          Book your 5-Day Class now + swim afterwards for the Rest of your Life with your (Grand-)Kids for FUN, HEALTH and FITNESS!

 5 Days  (Fri. 7pm – Tue. 1pm)  in Phoenix will eliminate your “Water Problems” + change your Life!


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                28 GROUP-LESSONS (Klaus/4 to 6 Adults) in Swim School Residence in Glendale (Private Room incl. Snacks/Fruits/Juices  all 5 Days)

                                  $ 895 per Adult  (without Accommodation)   ($ 32 per Lesson)                         $ 1,395 per Adult  (including 5 Days Accommodation)                                                   Lesson Times(Subject to Change)  Fr: 7pm-10pm  Sat+Sun: 7am-830am + 7pm-830pm,   Mo: 7pm-10pm,  Tue: 7am-9am   (5 Days/28 Lessons!) 


                      28 SEMI/PRIVATE LESSONS    (Klaus/Only 2 Adults)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       In 5 Days you learn to swim AND we eliminate your FEAR of deep Water, by teaching most Elements of 2 Classes!                            (“Non-Swimmer”- AND “Deep Water / Next Step” -Class in one 5- Day Period, with ONLY 2 Adults/Klaus!)

                             $ 2,395 per Adult     (without Accommodation)                                $ 2,895 per Adult  (including 5 Days Accommodation)                                                                    Pool only Steps away from your private Guest-Room. Water heated to 92 F. + sanitized by Ozone + UV- Light, to prevent Eye- + Skin – Irritations!

                             IN A HURRY?  start Lessons next Fri. 7pm – Tue. 11am Wal Mart,- 40 Shops,- 30+Restaurants,- Banks,- Gas Stations and …….-in walking Distance.

                        Rest+relax in your private Room after+between Lessons. Focus for 5 Days on 28 Swim Lessons WITHOUT Home,- Family, – or Work-related Distractions!



                               Register Now! 

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 Bolle Swim Class Start Dates:
                       2 0 1 6
 August                              8/12  8/19
 September  9/30
 October                          10/07 10/14 10/21
 November                      11/04 11/11 11/18
 February        2017      2/10  2/17  2/24
 March                               3/10  3/17  3/24
 April                                  4/14  4/21  4/28


                   All Lessons in Privacy! Locals Welcome!     Gain Confidence by talking to Klaus  602 323 4116 or Thitiya  602 639 3070  (ANYTIME!)



You will be absolutely amazed, what we together will accomplish in only 5 Days!       


                                                                                                                                                                                             Register Now! 



What you should know about us and expect from us:

35,000 Adults (26% Seniors above 65!)

Trusted the BOLLE-METHOD and learned to swim in only 5 Days/28 Lessons!

Swim School Residence POOL:  (92 F.) sanitized by Ozone and UV-Light

Lessons in Privacy and Comfort, without Eye- or Skin- Irritations!

Money back Swim Success Guarantee

We don’t waste your Time or Money and are committed to your Success!

Moral Support (By Bolle Couple)

Before, during + after swim Lessons!

Accelerated Muscle Memory Development

Due to 28 Lessons in ONLY 5 Days!

40 Years Adult teaching Experience

Combined with Patience + Compassion!

Water Familiarization Exercises

To eliminate your Fear!

Rest and Relax before and after Lessons in your Room

Only Steps away from Pool!

Only 4 – 6 Adult Students

With Thitiya and/or Klaus in Adult Group Classes!

No public Embarrassments

No Spectators, Children or other Swimmers!
Group-Lessons (Klaus/4-6 Adults) or Semi Private Lessons (Klaus/2 Adults)  Your Choice!
28 Group- or 28 Semi Private-Lessons in Bolle Swim School Residence or Partner Hotel  Your Choice!

Non-Swimmer-or Next Step-/Deep Water-Class

 Your Choice!

Most Adult Swim Students from:      US,  Canada,  Mexico,  South Korea,  Japan,  GB,  ARAB COUNTRIES,  Netherlands,  GERMANY,  Norway,  Sweden……

Adult’s Ages:              65+ Years : 26%,                40-64 Years : 44%,                 30-39 Years: 19%,                 18-29 Years: 11%                        Oldest successful Participant: 96 Years








Please stay in Touch

  • Klaus +1 602 323 4116
  • Thitiya +1 602 639 3070
  • HOMEWOOD SUITES, 9880 N Scottsdale Road
  • Scottsdale AZ   85253     United States